07/18/2018 Gales Meadow Series Tournament #2

Wayne calling 6:59am launch
Paddling out the Spot
Heading out to "the spot"
Father & Son Team
"Crowded" fishing
Working the stumps
Relaxing while working the shoreline
Garret w/ first weigh-in
Team Perkins returns for weigh-in
Ryan weighs in
Alan - Weighmaster, Ralph - Measuring Offical
Nate reporting in
Scotty Returns
Tom Weighing In
Peter Returns
Dave looks skeptical about weigh-in
Jeff & Jackie relax at weigh-in
Fished hard
Ben w/ Ralph at weigh in
Repeat Duo George & Derek
Andrew weighing in
Allison weighing in
Fan club / spectators
Allison wins $150 combo
Tom with Tournament lunker
Tornament winners - 1st-Tom, 2nd-David, 3rd-Ryan, Combo-Allison