2018 Fishing

Andrew P in early December with very nice rainbow trout
George S showing of gorgeous late fall brown trout
Neil with first catch on his new Echo Nymph rod
Joe 10/19/18 nice hookup on The Black River
Ben 10/19/18 Fall Fishing on the Black River
Adam B. hooking up a Vermont Native brookie
George S. 9/26/18 Was it my guidance or good luck, Nice 24" Battenkill brown
Ralph 9/16/18 late afernoon hookup
Alex 7/21/18 hooking up with his new Lew's casting combo
Alex 7/18/18 Having a good day on Emerald Lake
Ed H 7/22/18 Bass action heating up on Lake Champlain
Dagmar 7/9/18 Catching some nice browns swinging wet flies
Joey 7/7/18 Nice Battenkill Brown
JT 6/29/18
Dagmar 6/30/18 nice rainbow Hookup
Bill C 6/29/18
George S. 6/18 Battenkill Brown
Laura 6/18 10lb Lake Dunmore Pike
BOB S. 6/18 with a Lake Champlain 13lb Laker
Tim 6/10/18 First hookup on a Flyrod
Ralph 5/18 Vermont trout fishing is heating up
Wayne 5/18 Quality Vermont rainbows
Chris has trained these two beautiful springers to show off his dad's old side by side FOX shotgun
3/27/18 Unskunked, a March hookup
3/22/18 My family, Annette & Dagmar Skiing, No Skiing Fishing only Ladies!!
Dani, outfitted by THE REEL ANGLER Shop, We have ladies waders and shoes, stop in and have Dagmar get you outfitted
Ralph C. 3/20/18 Finally Skunked, no fish today
Great rod for hi sticking
2/27/18 Rainbows are starting to color up, released for another day
Ralph C. 2/14/18 Valentine Day Brown
Ralp C. 2/14/18 Another big fish, is that going to fit in the net?
Ralph 2/14/18 Retreiving his Valentine Day $125.00 Net , good catch
Wayne 1/27/18 Browns are still biting
Maezy with her first grouse
1/27/18 Johnny T, what are we doing in 34 degree water
Don G. 2/18 more snow due this week, but we like it..