Fishing Reports

Dagmar's March 30, 2019 Report

What a difference a week makes!  We had feet of ice and snow, now it's all changed. The ice on the lakes down here in the valley has pulled away from the edges and is white & milky.  I was a Bullhead pond today, and the ice is 2-4' from the edges and is all white. Road is pretty muddy too. Emerald Lake has opened on the south end and is white.  Lake Paran in North Bennington is down to 12-14" but the ice is chipping away from underneath from the auger (according to Pat C.). Lake St. Catherine still has ice, 12-18" according to Taylor H. but it's pulling away from the edges in some spots. He caught nice Crappie just off the bottom, not just below the ice as usual. In Washington & Rensselaer counties in NY, the lakes are open or are almost open.

Up on the mountain everything is still frozen but that could change quickly.  Rain is predicted Sunday with 50-60 degree temperatures.  As of last week there was still 30+ inches on Gale Meadows & Lowell Lake.  If you go, be aware.  Sunday will be our last day of live shiners.  We are having an end of season sale on select ice fishing items still in stock.  Click on the learn more button to see the awesome deals while supplies last.

River fishing has proven productive this week. Levels have actually been on the low side with the cold temperatures but now that is warming up, the flows are quickly increasing. As of noon, the Walloomsac in N. Bennington was 313cfs, Hoosic in Pownal was 412cfs, Black River in Cavendish is 513cfs.  All very fishable.  Battenkill in NY went up to 1150cfs overnight and the Otter Creek in Mt. Tabor is at 969cfs.  If the rain comes on Sunday, flows can change. No reports on the fly...yet. We are looking to change that as opening day NY arrives on Monday.  Lures of choice have been the Rapala countdowns size 9 & 11 and the Yozuri pin minnows for the spinning anglers.  Check out the photo gallery for proven results!  

We are also now stocking live worms for New York anglers and will have plenty on hand for opening day Vermont.  This week we are switching the store over to spring & summer.  Serious spring cleaning, proudly displaying all the cool new stuff and the tried and true lure tackle.  It's just about here.  Hope to see you in our shop soon or  email us your fish story if you are not in the area.

As always, thank you for your continued support, Dagmar

P.S. Upcoming news on our Bass tournaments soon!

Dagmar's March 5, 2019 Report

Ice, ice, and more ice!  Not only is it my my driveway for the last 4 months but is on all the lakes and most of the rivers. There is no less than 20" on pretty much every lake and most are now over 30" thick.  We have sold out of power augers for the year but we still have one 8" K-drill in stock.  Need an 18 volt drill to handle it.  Most people have had to get on their knees to get though the ice.  Have some pictures of Taylor H and his nephew Mathew with the winning fish at the Frosty Derby on Lake St. Catherine a couple of weeks ago, 5.6lbs, 28".  Great job! Mathew continued on the tournament trail at the Great Benson Derby and caught perch to take 3rd.  Check out the photo gallery.

Report back from Gale Meadow is 30" thick and the perch bite is on!  Joel sent us a couple of photos from Monday.  6 dozen bait and they ran out!  The day before Ryan ran out of 4 dozen bait.  FYI, our bait just got delivered as I am writing this.  We have plenty of large, medium and small shiners as well as spikes.

Lake St. Catherine continues to be hot or not.  Those that are in the zone are catching 5-8lb trout.  Those that are not in the zone are going for a walk!  30" of ice there too.

Emerald Lake has proven interesting with smallmouth and largemouth.  The perch bite has just started picking up there.  March is a great time for perch fishing on Emerald. Tip: the entrance road and parking lot has been plowed.  No longer need to dive-bomb down the embankment from the road.  What a relief!

Lake Shaftsbury has also seen an increase in perch catching as well as good pickeral.  Great place to take the kids, easy in and out.  Lake Paran has really slowed up of late.  Was great early on in the season but not so much now.

Had a customer in yesterday that has been fishing Grout Pond up on the mountain past Stratton ski area.  Road has been plowed and monster perch is the result every time.

Lowell lake has also plenty of ice and has been steady with perch and bass if you know the spot.

As for the rivers...frozen. Black River is ice. Otter Creek is ice in our trophy area.  Further north the flow is 708cfs. Waloomsac dropped way down but is now reporting ice.  The Battenkill in New York is 472cfs.  That is pretty fishable for the first 4 miles from the Vermont border.  If you need to wet a flyline, I'd be doing it there.

As for shop news, turkey calls, ammo, and shotguns are in stock.  Working on getting them up on the website in the coming days. Also we officially have had 37+10+12+5+6+15 more today - that is boxes with spring time lures, rods, reels and combos.  You need it we either have it already or it's on it's way.  If you come to the shop, "the new stuff" is already hanging on the wall.  Some of the new David Fritts Berkley crankbaits are flying off the hooks as well as the new Z-man Finesse Bulletz jig heads, Z-man TRD Crawz and the Z-man CrossEyez power finesse jig heads.  Anybody smell spring???

See you on the ice.

Dagmar's 2/9/2019 Fishing Report

It's been 15 days since the last report and the fishing conditions have probably changed 15 times since then! Absolute extremes in weather....rain, sleet, snow, hot, bitter cold, you name it.  I didn't know where to start because the conditions changed the next day.  As of today, Saturday, cold, windy and sunny with tons of glare ice everywhere.  

Up on the mountain, Gale Meadows and Lowell Lake have 15-28" of ice! Whoa.  Gale has been slow this week but Lowell has been a perch mecca. Jeremy F. reported 75 perch caught last Sunday.

Wayne got out with Pat C. this week on Paran Lake in North Bennington.  Beautiful warm, sunny day, ton's of people, hundreds of holes (more like swiss cheese) and very few fish between 10am & 5pm.  Wayne caught the smallest perch he has ever caught 1 1/2" long and so thin you could see through it!  Paran had been doing very well but just not Monday.

Lake Shaftbury has more than 10" as well as Emerald Lake.  Bullhead Pond has about 16". All have been producing although it has been varying from day to day.

Derby season has started.  The Poultney Fish and Game Club is holding their Frosty Derby early this year.  Tomorrow is the date and it starts at 5am until 4pm.  We still have tickets, they are $10 for adult & $5 for children.  Some folks pre-fished today.  Have not heard back yet.  Should be a busy day on the lake tomorrow.

Lake Bomoseen has been doing well with the brown trout. Dave K reported in that the crappie have not moved into the shallows yet.

Glen Lake in Vermont has had some monster pike caught up to 25lbs and Cossyuna in NY with huge Muskie last week.  So if you are persistent, the chance is good...

As for the rivers, ugh.  We have not been able to get out.  Either frozen or raging.  Today the flows are 3130cfs on the Battenkill River, (forget it), frozen Back River, Otter Creek is at 1840cfs (forget it).  The only one that is possible is The Wallomsac.  That current flow is at 588cfs.  As long as we get no rain, that should be doable. Temps should be pretty good the next few days, high 20's to 40. Snow showers on Wednesday.

Our first spring (I know, can you believe it?) will be showing up soon. All our orders are in. Keep you posted on our first arrivals. Turkey calls and shotguns are on their way. Gobble gobble! 

See you on the ice.

Dagmar's 01/25/2019 Report

Ice fishing has been if full swing just about everywhere.  Then we received 12-24" of snow everywhere in Vermont.  Good news, bad news depending on your perspective.  Yesterday it rained and it rained and it rained.  Major flooding in many locations.  Here in Manchester it was rough.  Streets, infrastructure, homes, stores flooded.  Ground frozen and no where for the rain to go.  Luckily we here at the shop survived OK.  Sewer system was sketchy for about 12 hours or so but no flooding in our store.  We did raise everything off the floor just in case!  So all of our ammo and tackle boxes are OK.

We are just now getting reports in on the condition on the lakes.  All of the rivers are totally blown out. So stream trout fisherman beware. As of 5:30pm, the Battenkill River is flowing at 15,000 cfu's.  Should be 600!! The Walloomsac is at 1160 cfu's Should be 300-400!! The Otter Creek is at 6200 cfu's. Should be 500!!  Will update those numbers for you as they hopefully come down.  Be careful out there!

So far we were told that Lake Shaftsbury had 8-10" of standing water on the ice.  Have not had any other reports.  Fisherman have been buying bait today so we are looking forward to some updated reports.  Wayne and I hope to go out on Sunday ourselves and check it out.  Temperatures are going down to into the single digits tonight and partly sunny with highs in the low 20's.  So that should help the refreezing and drying up.

If you have any helpful info, please forward it to me at  Also send us your ice fishing pictures.  Get bragging rights that way!  See you on the ice.