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In Stock now - Turkey shotguns, shotshells, calls, decoys! Stop in or buy on line!

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  • Primos Hoot Flute Call

    Easiest to use of all hooters. Three unique tuning holes enable the caller to easily and loudly reproduce distinct pitches of the Barred Owl's hoot and the hoot of the Great Horned Owl of the west. The Hoot Flute's low profile mouthpiece and rounded compact body style make it durable and easy to… [more]

  • Primos Power Hawk

    Locating a big Tom during the day can be difficult. The shrill cry of a hawk can make those Toms gobble when nothing else can. The high-pitched frequency of the call causes them to shock gobble. Locate your next big Tom with the Power Hawk! [more]

  • Primos Stretch-fit Gloves W/sure Grip & Extended Cuff

    Our light-weight stretch-fit gloves are cool and breathable with sure-grip palms and 5" extended cuffs. They are great for spring turkey season or early bow season. One size fits most. [more]

  • Winchester Long Beard
    $20.49 - $25.50
    $23.99 - $30.99

    SHOT-LOK TECHNOLOGY. Protects Shot During In-Bore Acceleration. Shot launches from barrel near perfectly round for extremely tight long-range patterns. Twice the number of pellets in a 10" circle out to 60 yards. 10% greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards. Devastating terminal… [more]

  • Featherflex Hen Decoy

    Unique feather flex movement and coloration provide high visibility over great distances Realistic feather patterns and true-to-life color Irresistible wind Activated movement Unique Feather Flex movement and coloration provide high visibility over great distances Realistic feather patterns and… [more]

  • Winchester Blind Side Shotshell

    Pellets are not round but hexahedronal, that is, rounded, but wit six flat sides, like dice. The advantage to the shape is two-fold: the pellets pack more compactly into a hull, allowing higher payloads (1-3/8 ounces in a 3" hull, 1-5/8" in a 3.5"), and the shape increases shocktrauma on tissue… [more]

  • Quaker Boy H2O Easy Yelper

    The H2O will operate under any hunting condition: rainy, no problem, the H2O is waterproof. Windy, no problem, the H2O carries loud and clear. Highly waterproof coating allows the H2O to work in the heaviest rain storms. The H2O is the truly allweather all condition, easiest call to operate for… [more]

  • Featherflex Three Position Hen Decoy

    Unique and patented grommet system allows one decoy to take the place of three regular decoys by offering multiple positions Realistic feather patterns and true-to-life color Irresistible wind activated movement Soft, lightweight polyethylene foam [more]

  • Quaker Boy Hurricane Waterproof Box Call

    Quaker Boy has once again hit a home run with its newest edition to their box call line. The Hurricane Box call has been built with new technology eliminating the need to maintain the call. The new Ergo-Grip paddle handle is designed so you can sound like an Old Hen or Young Hen on the right or… [more]

  • Quaker Boy THUG Trigger Box

    This Trigger Box is silent carry and very compact. No external rods and fantastic sound make this call a must use, spring and fall. This little innovated pull call will have you sounding like a pro and filling your freezer in no time. [more]

  • Primos Super Freak Strap-on Pot Call

    Get your Freak On! The Super Freak pot call holder allows you to simple and securely strap the Super Freak pot call to your leg or gun. Cinch it tight and begin calling with minimal movement. [more]

  • Quaker Boy THUG Full Tilt Quad

    The Full Tilt Quad call is the most versatile pot call ever designed. The Variable depth chamber is teamed with a precision matched internal sound board, topped with four distinct calling surfaces. Perfectly matched with the Wildwood Ash striker, the Full Tilt Quad produces the sweet and subtle… [more]

  • Quaker Boy 13710 Triplet Slate Call

    Triplet Slate Call, slate call with 3 strikers [more]


    Lighter weight and Easier to carry than other premium decoys. Can be used in three positions, Upright, contented & submissive. [more]

  • Primos The Box Cutter

    Go ahead, "Cut Loose" with the Box Cutter! The Box Cutter's thumb hole groove positions your thumb perfectly so it acts as a spring allowing you to make the sweetest cuts a box call can make. Cuts are critical for getting that boss gobbler to respond. When he gobbles to your cuts, call him all the… [more]

  • Quaker Boy Original Hawg Trough Call

    The Original Hawg Trough call is an Old School turkey killer. Hand Crafted to meticulous standards, the sleek narrow trough design aligns the Wildwood Ash striker tip naturally on the aluminum striking surface; allowing for deadly sweet hen talk. The American Hardwood base holds a strategically… [more]

  • Quaker Boy Elevation Odyssey Box Call

    The Odyssey box call elevates itself above all. Meticulously hand crafted of the? finest hardwoods available, the Odyssey??s Patent Pending ToneBlast technology? frees the sound from the interior of the box. The sound is no longer trapped inside;? the ToneBlast lid allows yelps, cutts, clucks and… [more]

  • Avian-X LCD Breeder Turkey Decoy

    Years of studying body postures, moods and behaviors of wild turkeys go into the design of these three relaxed, welcoming hen decoys. High-exposed rump and dropped wings tell incoming gobblers this hen is receptive to courtship. High head and upright position drives other dominant hens crazy.… [more]

  • Winchester SXP FIELD RIFLE

    Take to the field with a perfectly balanced pump that offers instinctive pointability and absolute reliability - the new Field model of the Super X Pump shotgun. Stocked in traditional hardwood and sporting a vent rib barrel with 3" chamber and Invector-Plus choke tubes, the Field is ready to drop… [more]

  • Mossberg International SA-28

    Mossberg 45212 535 ATS Turkey Pump Shotgun 12ga 22" barrel, 3" shells May be shipped to your local FFL. Call for details. [more]

  • Winchester Winchester SXP Universal Pump Shotgun

    SXP Universal Hunter Pump Shotgun 12Ga 28" 3.5" Univ Hunter MOBUC Syn Stock Universally the most versatile pump. Pump guns are often considered utility guns. But the Universal Hunter goes above and beyond -- ready for the full range of hunting you do. The Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo is durable… [more]

  • Winchester SXP Turkey Hunter

    Mossy Oak Break-Up® Country synthetic stock features textured gripping surface for a nonslip grip. Back-bored technology and Invector-Plus extra-full turkey choke tube produce dense and even shot patterns. Chrome-plated chamber and bore resist corrosion and wear. Truglo® fiber-optic front sight and… [more]

  • Mossberg 835® Ulti-mag®

    The 835® Ulti-Mag® line sports the latest camouflage, black synthetic and wood stock models; 20, 24, 26, and 28" barrel lengths; versatile combo sets; and a variety of sighting options. Whether you're after turkey, waterfowl or big game, the legendary 835® Ulti-Mag® is the right model for you. 12… [more]

  • Winchester Super X3 Sporting (Adjustable Comb) Shotgun

    Competitive shooting matches can heat up when the targets are tough, and you need all the gun you can get. The new Super X3 Sporting, with its lightweight, aluminum alloy receiver is as beautiful as it is strong. The barrel is configured in a lightweight profile with a ventilated rib and is ported… [more]

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