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Fishing headwear & gloves

Buff Knitted Polar Headband
Warm enough for the slopes. Hip enough for the lodge. Headband Knitted Polar Buff® looks like a knitted sweater on the outside; feels like a comfortable fleece on the inside. High-tech outerwear never looked so good.
Yukon Rabbit Fur Hat
$29.95 - $39.99
Alaskan Fur Hats made of Taslon nylon shell or knitted yarn on the outside. Lined with genuine rabbit fur on the inside. This rugged cold weather hat, made famous by explorers and military personnel of the far north features a variety of outer shells with soft quilted lining and forehead, chin, and ear flaps with rabbit fur. Snaps secure the forehead and ear flaps to the hat or the flaps can be folded down for additional warmth. Warmest hat you will ever own!
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