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Ice Augers

Ice Augers - Power and hand crank

Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger
$83.00 - $89.95 $104.99 - $109.99 Up To 25% Savings
The fastest and most comfortable hand auger ever manufactured for the ice fisherman. The unique shape and grind of the "Chrome Alloy" stainless steel LAZER blades and a powder coated auger unit to reduce ice build-up, makes the LAZER hand auger the only hand auger ever built that will drill through a re-frozen ice fishing hole with the same ease as drilling a fresh hole. The ergonomic design of the telescoping/adjustable handle shaft (48"-57") assures total comfort and ease of operation by children and adults.
Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger Replacement Blades
$34.00 - $45.59 $48.99 - $59.99 Up To 43% Savings
Chrome-Alloy Swedish Stainless Steel Blades for Lazer Hand Augers. Includes four blade screws and two blades.
K-Drill Replacement Blades
$35.00 $43.99 20% Savings
How to Change the Blades Remove the center tip blade with 3/16” Allen wrench. Remove the outside chipper blades with 7/16” open end wrench. Replace the outside chipper blades and snug the bolts into position. Torque an additional 1/4 turn and STOP! (Don’t over-tighten) Torque bolt of center tip to 115 in/lbs.
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