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Ice Fishing

Shappell Jet Sled Hitch
$44.00 $46.99 6% Savings
Fits all Shappell sleds. Connects Jet Sled to ATV or snowmobile.
Pflueger Monarch Ice Spinning Reel
Corrosion resistant stainless steel 5 ball bearing system. Lightweight graphite reel constructed of graphite body and rotor. Thick aluminum bail wire design, which is rigid to prevent mis-shaping.
HT Fisherman Tip-Up
$12.95 $13.49 4% Savings
8" Grease-filled tube for trip-shaft to prevent freeze-up. Extra-high flag for better visibility. Tip-up and spool are made of solid, high-impact black or orange plastic material that has proven to be stronger than wood.
Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger Replacement Blades
$34.00 - $45.59 $48.99 - $59.99 Up To 43% Savings
Chrome-Alloy Swedish Stainless Steel Blades for Lazer Hand Augers. Includes four blade screws and two blades.
Strikemaster Lazer Hand Auger
$83.00 - $89.95 $104.99 - $109.99 Up To 25% Savings
The fastest and most comfortable hand auger ever manufactured for the ice fisherman. The unique shape and grind of the "Chrome Alloy" stainless steel LAZER blades and a powder coated auger unit to reduce ice build-up, makes the LAZER hand auger the only hand auger ever built that will drill through a re-frozen ice fishing hole with the same ease as drilling a fresh hole. The ergonomic design of the telescoping/adjustable handle shaft (48"-57") assures total comfort and ease of operation by children and adults.
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The Micro Finesse Stone Fly is the exact replica of a plecoptera larvae. Eurotackle is the first company to make an insect soft lure 100% realistic and providing so much action. The vibrations created by the Stone Fly are identical to the ones a live plecoptera larvae would make in the water. The tail and legs of this bait will create micro vibration which will attract all kind of fish. 1.2 inches in lenght and 8 per pack.
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Eurotackle is listening to the demand and we noticed that ice fishermen wanted a new micro creature bait. We were able to mix micro size with huge action. A new ice fishing legend is born. 1.1 inches in length and 8 per pack.
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The Micro Finesse Anisoptera is the exact replica of a dragonfly larvae. Eurotackle is the first company to make an insect soft lure 100% realistic and providing so much action. The vibrations created by the Anisoptera are identical to the ones a live dragonfly larvae would make in the water. An incredible vertical body shake action that will trigger bites on any type of fish. 1.5 inches length and 8 per pack.
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$6.19 - $7.59
The Z-Viber is an amazing micro lipless crankbait but not only! You can use it vertical jigging or even cast and retrieve it. When retrieved the Z-Viber will produce a wide and unique wobbling action. We armed this lure with a really high quality japanese style single hook. You're able to tip it with a live bait or even better, with a Micro Finesse soft lure. The Z-Viber is very versatile and can be used in a lot of different scenarios. Ice-fishing, trout, panfish, bass, walleye and a lot more!
Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 Ice Spinning Rod
Ugly Stik®GX2™ is the next generation of Ugly Stik® that combines the heritage and tradition of the original while maintaining the strength and durability Ugly Stiks are known for. Ugly Stik® GX2™ rods offer better balance for lighter feel, improved components, and eye catching cosmetics for a more modern look. Genuine Ugly Stik blank with Clear Tip® design Twist-lock reel seat with EVA handles One-piece stainless steel guides 28" Medium action - USGXICE28M
HT Arctic Bay
ARCTIC BAY POLAR STYLE WOOD TIP-UP W/ RULER Gloss Wooden Frame w/ Ruler Ultra Smooth Multiple-design Trip-Shaft 500' Spool Wind Trip Free Trip Mechanism Suprisingly very substantial and easy to set up.
K-Drill Replacement Blades
$35.00 $43.99 20% Savings
How to Change the Blades Remove the center tip blade with 3/16” Allen wrench. Remove the outside chipper blades with 7/16” open end wrench. Replace the outside chipper blades and snug the bolts into position. Torque an additional 1/4 turn and STOP! (Don’t over-tighten) Torque bolt of center tip to 115 in/lbs.
Shappell Jet Sleds
$29.99 - $85.00
Features rugged polyethylene construction with molded runners for strength and stability. Ideal for ice fishing and transporting deer, firewood and traps.
40 Up Hi Flag Senior Tip Up - Green
$16.59 $22.95 28% Savings
The most asked for tip-up in ice country. The big green, ruggedly constructed ice tilt with seven star quality features yet priced competitively. •40" total height above the ice, ideal for deep snow cover •metal clamp holding spring to wood, to insure against pulling out. •hardwood sticks to insure fittings stay attached •onepiece metal trigger release •full 8" greasefilled tube to eliminate water freeze. •fluorescent flag for maximum visibility. •2 1/2" metal spool Now with trigger trip
Striker Brands SI Climate Gloves
$40.69 $54.99 26% Savings
Striker Ice Climate Glove The Striker Ice Climate Gloves are for the discriminating ice fisherman. Go ahead and reach down into your ice hole to grab the big one or to clear the slush! Compare the technical features of this glove to other gloves on the market and it will be clear that the Striker Ice Climate Gloves sets the standard. These are premium gloves without a premium price. Only the best designs get the Striker ICE label! Fully waterproof construction because of a waterproof/breathable fabric shell with PU taped seams plus a full-size Hipora® W/B glove insert. Most of the other ice fishing apparel manufacturers don't even know what this means! The Climate Glove has a synthetic leather palm and fingers so it won't stay wet like natural leather or suede. When the other guys call their gloves "waterproof", they don't mean "immersion proof". They typically use a polyurethane coated shell and call it good. First of all, if the seams are not PU taped, they will leak. Second, these type of W/B fabrics are more suitable for jackets and bibs, or for gloves not subjected to water exposure. Lastly, the other guys do not use Hipora liners that work like a breathable latex glove. If you want a glove that will repel snowflakes and raindrops, feel free to buy the competitor's gloves. If you want FULL IMMERSION PROTECTION, get the Striker ICE Climate Gloves. Climate Gloves are properly sized for a great fit! There is nothing worse than a glove that is sized for a penguin's foot! Easy on and off gauntlet makes it a snap to quickly put on or take off. This glove has variable Thinsulate™ insulation with extra insulation (up to 150g) where you need it and less insulation where you don't need it, like in the gauntlet.
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