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Tip Ups & Accessories

HT Fisherman Tip-Up
$12.95 $13.49 4% Savings
8" Grease-filled tube for trip-shaft to prevent freeze-up. Extra-high flag for better visibility. Tip-up and spool are made of solid, high-impact black or orange plastic material that has proven to be stronger than wood.
HT Arctic Bay
ARCTIC BAY POLAR STYLE WOOD TIP-UP W/ RULER Gloss Wooden Frame w/ Ruler Ultra Smooth Multiple-design Trip-Shaft 500' Spool Wind Trip Free Trip Mechanism Suprisingly very substantial and easy to set up.
40 Up Hi Flag Senior Tip Up - Green
$16.59 $22.95 28% Savings
The most asked for tip-up in ice country. The big green, ruggedly constructed ice tilt with seven star quality features yet priced competitively. •40" total height above the ice, ideal for deep snow cover •metal clamp holding spring to wood, to insure against pulling out. •hardwood sticks to insure fittings stay attached •onepiece metal trigger release •full 8" greasefilled tube to eliminate water freeze. •fluorescent flag for maximum visibility. •2 1/2" metal spool Now with trigger trip
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