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Airflo Tippets
Airflo Flurocarbon Tippet
$4.95 - $15.95


Sightfree G5 Premium Fluorocarbon
Manufactured in Japan using the latest in double resin formula to create a stronger product for a given diameter, G5 is a fifth generation fluorocarbon that offers incredible durability and knot strength. So, whether your chasing ultra spooky trout on 7x or chugging streamers on 1x, Sightfree G5 won’t let you down.

Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon
Developed with one of Japan’s leading fluorocarbon manufactures giving optimal balance of strength vs suppleness. Extruded using a computer controlled manufacturing system for ultimate consistency, this 100% hard fluorocarbon is UV resistant, knots easily and without exception is the least visible of any we have tried.

Tactical Tippet
Premium Nylon
Their tactical tippet is the go to material for all day to day Techniques. The strength of this hi-performance copolymer is incredible for its diameter and its exceptional consistent knotting makes it a reliable choice. With a density is far lower than fluorocarbon making it a perfect choice for surface presentations.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
7X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793531 TG57X30 TG57X30
7X / Tactical Mono Copolymer 053163793371 TTCP7X30 TTCP7X30
6X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793548 TG56X30 TG56X30
6X / Tactical Mono Copolymer 053163793388 TTCP6X30 TTCP6X30
5X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793555 TG55X30 TG55X30
5X / Tactical Mono Copolymer 053163793395 TTCP5X30 TTCP5X30
4X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793562 TG54X30 TG54X30
4X / Tactical Mono Copolymer 053163793401 TTCP4X30 TTCP4X30
3X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793579 TG53X30 TG53X30
3X / Tactical Mono Copolymer 053163793418 TTCP3X30 TTCP3X30
2X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793586 TG52X30 TG52X30
2X / Tactical Mono Copolymer 053163793425 TTCP2X30 TTCP2X30
1X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793593 TG51X30 TG51X30
0X / Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon 053163793609 TG50X30 TG50X30
10lb / Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon 053163793838 TSFC1030 TSFC1030
12lb / Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon 053163793845 TSFC1230 TSFC1230
14lb / Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon 053163793852 TSFC1430 TSFC1430
16lb / Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon 053163793869 TSFC1630 TSFC1630
20lb / Sightfree Salt Fluorocarbon 053163793876 TSFC2030 TSFC2030