Laserlyte Quick Tyme Target

Laserlyte Quick Tyme Target
Laserlyte quick tyme target


LaserLyte Trainer Target Quick TYME with 62 LEDs that light up shot timer built in to record dry fire laser shots laser tracer fire.. The LEDs Light up in order of being shot buy a laser trainer.

FOR USE with LaserLyte laser trainer systems fire the red laser dot at the trainer target The shooting target will record every shot and display it with a red LED the LASER TRACER FIRE will display where the laser fired in the order they were shot
SHOT TIMER record your shooting time when you are practicing trigger control and sight alignment START the timer with a shot from a laser trainer coming from a pistol STOP the timer with another laser trainer shot practice right from the couch
SHOOTING TARGET practice fast shots and aim for the bullseye. Precision shots can be made when the gun sights are aligned and the trigger is controlled for each press displaying the shot groups gives a visual training experience.
SHOOTING RANGE in the privacy of your own home.
Work on your own shooting skills or by focusing on the target speed shooting accuracy shooting or transitioning from other targets.
Youth shooters can be instructed on how to shoot .
Dry fire can be fun again with the shooting target system. Place the target on almost any flat surface or hang on the wall.
TRAIN almost anyway or anywhere that the shooter needs to train
SHOOT around the house and practice engaging .


Laserlyte Quick Tyme Target

How the Quick Tyme target works

Part Numbers

689706211820 TLB-QDM TLB-QDM