Z-Man CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jig

Z-Man CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jig
  • Model: CEPF14-01 - 1/4oz Black/blue
  • Model: CEPF14-02 - 1/4oz Gr. Pumpkin
  • Model: CEPF14-05 - 1/4oz Pond scum
  • Model: CEPF14-06 - 1/4 oz PB&J
  • Model: CEPF14-07 - 1/4oz Natural Craw
  • Model: CEPF38-02 - 3/8oz - Gr. Pumpkin
  • Model: CEPF38-05 - 3/8 oz Pond scum
  • Model: CEPF38-06 - 3/8oz PB&J
  • Model: CEPF38-07 - 3/8oz Natural craw


A more compact, streamlined offering designed in conjunction with B.A.S.S. Elite Series pro and noted jig-fishing specialist David Walker, CrossEyeZ Power Finesse Jigs are ideal for casting, pitching, skipping and swimming. Built around small, but powerful, 2/0 Mustad® UltraPoint® flipping hooks specifically chosen by Walker, each is then outfitted with premium, hand-tied 100% silicone skirts and wire trailer keepers for maximum durability and longevity. Like their flipping counterpart, Power Finesse Jigs' durable, color-matched head paint schemes and hallmark cross eyes' deliver added attraction when stealthier presentations are in order.

  • Compact, streamlined design is ideal for casting, pitching, skipping, and swimming
  • Built around small but powerful 2/0 Mustad® flipping hook
  • Hand-tied 100% silicone skirts and wire trailer keeper
  • Durable, color matched head paint schemes
  • Hallmark 'cross eyes' for added attraction
  • Available in 1/4 and 3/8 ounce weights

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
CEPF14-01 - 1/4oz Black/blue 897744000997 CEPF14-01
CEPF14-02 - 1/4oz Gr. Pumpkin 897744001000 CEPF14-02
CEPF14-05 - 1/4oz Pond scum 897744001031 CEPF14-05
CEPF14-06 - 1/4 oz PB&J 897744001048 CEPF14-06
CEPF14-07 - 1/4oz Natural Craw 897744001055 CEPF14-07
CEPF38-02 - 3/8oz - Gr. Pumpkin 897744001086 CEPF38-02
CEPF38-05 - 3/8 oz Pond scum 897744001116 CEPF38-05
CEPF38-06 - 3/8oz PB&J 897744001123 CEPF38-06
CEPF38-07 - 3/8oz Natural craw 897744001130 CEPF38-07