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Feature Items

  • Yamamoto 5" Senkos

    The Yamamoto Slim Senko 5-inch is a firecracker. Custom made to compete and win in any trick worm or slender worm situation, it has what others don't because it always… [more]

  • Yamamoto 4" Senkos

    Tested and proven on California lunkers, Gary Yamamoto's Senko has quickly become a sensation throughout the United States. The Senko's salt impregnated, has a healthy… [more]

  • Rio Specialty Series Pike/Musky Fly Line

    Pike/Musky Specifically designed for the demands of the pike and musky fly fisher. RIO’s Pike/Musky line has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the… [more]

  • Rio PowerFlex Trout Tapered Freshwater Leader
    $4.95 - $12.95

    Powerflex Trout Leaders The best-selling, most reliable trout leaders in the world. RIO’s Powerflex Trout leaders feature a powerful butt section that provides… [more]

  • Rio Mainstream Series - Trout Fly Line

    Mainstream Trout WF Targeted to the overall needs of the average fly fisher. RIO's Mainstream series of fly lines have been developed to meet the overall needs of the… [more]

  • Airflo Tactical Tapered Copolymer leader
    $4.99 - $6.95

    Manufactured to provide clean crisp turnover, our Tactical Tapered Leaders are constructed of preimum copolymer nylon material. All leaders are pre-looped at the butt… [more]

  • Airflo Polyleaders
    $9.99 - $13.99

    Airflo polyleaders come in Light Trout and Trout versions Light Trout Designed with greater suppleness and shock absorption for use on light lines. Floating, hover and… [more]

  • Rio Fluoroflex Plus+ Tippet Spool
    $12.95 - $14.95

    Fluoroflex Plus Tippet Ultra strong, supple, 100% fluorocarbon with high knot strength. Nearly invisible to fish, the Fluoroflex Plus Tippet is ultra strong, incredible… [more]

  • Rio Suppleflex Tippet Spool

    Suppleflex Tippet Extremely supple, soft nylon. Ideal for trout, small flies and anytime you need a subtle presentation. The RIO Suppleflex Tippet is incredibly strong,… [more]


Introducing TFO

We are now an authorized Temple Fork Dealer! You asked for them and we listened.  Stop by  and test drive your new fly rod!

Temple Fork Outdoors Finesse Fly Rod

FINESSE Medium Action | Freshwater Slow is the new cool… well, at least… [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors BVK Fly Reel
$159.95 - $324.95

BVK REELS While field testing the BVK series of fly rods, we realized the… [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors Mangrove Fly Rod

MANGROVE Fast Action | Freshwater | Saltwater For decades, Flip Pallot has… [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors PRO II Fly Rod

PRO II Medium Fast Action | Freshwater | Saltwater With 19 models… [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors Impact Fly Rod

IMPACT Medium Fast | Freshwater | Saltwater Rod design has always been a… [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors TFO Rod Tubes

Triangular rod case tubes for 4 pc 8' through 9' rods. Cordoba nylon. [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors NXT Fly Reel

NXT LA REELS Lighter, higher-performance and now large arbor – the new… [more]

Temple Fork Outdoors BVK Fly Rod

BVK Fast Action | Freshwater | Saltwater A finely tuned instrument —… [more]

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